Conversation Starters for Away Game Road Trips

When your child plays in youth sports, you can almost guarantee that at some point there will be some windshield time as you drive him or her to one field, court, rink, or arena somewhere. Sitting in traffic or wandering the unfamiliar highways might not be your top choice of things to do but it can be a great opportunity to connect with your child. Not to mention they don’t have anywhere else to go so there is no getting away from you. You may have topics that you want to bring up with them or things you want to know, but just in case we’ve listed some questions that you can use as conversation starters on those long (and short) road trips.

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Encouraging Quotes for Kids in Sports

These encouraging quotes are great when you want to offer words of motivation, support, and confidence to your child in youth sports. Whether it’s something you want to share with them before a game, on a bad day to lift their spirits, or just because you are their number one fan these words will give your athlete a blast of positivity and remind them of how much you love them.

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Best Camera for Sports Moms

These days the amount of people carrying around a camera are few and far between.  With everyone owning cell phones who’s cameras keep getting better and better there is no need.  Or is there? Maybe for the average person a cell phone camera is just fine, but you are not the average person.  You are a sports mom, and you need the best camera for capturing those priceless action shots of your babies (they will always be our babies) out on the field doing what they love.

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Phrases to Never Say to Your Youth Athlete

We often talk to our kids about youth sports because it is such a prominent part of their (and our) lives.  Discussing with them what goes on in practices, how they feel about their teammates and coaches, and breaking down the games or competitions is part of the fun and a great way to bond with your athlete.  However, there are some phrases that you should never say to your child as they participate in sports.

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How to Foster the Bond Between Teammates

There is nothing better than your kid being on a team with friends.  Sometimes those friendships existed before they joined a sport.  Other times, they were created as they played their sport together.  In fact, a close knit team can even feel a bit like family, not just for the youth athletes, but for the parents too.  I know both my kids’ and my own closest friendships began while learning the sport and on the sidelines watching them.  There are ways that you can help foster the bond between teammates and help them create friendships that will last for years, even though you don’t actually get to be out on the field with them.

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The Benefits of Raising a Multi-Sport Athlete

There are so many benefits to having kids involved in sports.  Participation in either team or individual athletics can have both physical and mental incentives that teach life lessons and create healthy habits for the long term.  Even just one sport in their life is valuable enough to pursue.  However, sometimes the question arises of whether or not to have your child involved in one single sport that they commit their time and efforts too in the hopes of becoming an expert, or to allow them to take part in more two (or more!) sports. Either choice you make can be a positive impact for your child, but what are the benefits of raising a multi-sport athlete?

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Tournament Traditions: Ways to Make Competition Special

A sports season contains a lot of memories but when it gets to tournament time it’s always fun to commemorate the events for our players in extra special ways.  The end of season tournaments can range from city championships to nationals.  However, no matter how big or how small the competitions are you can start and continue tournament traditions that your athlete and their teammates look forward to.  Plus it’s a great way to show them how excited you are for them and their whole team.

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Ways to Encourage and Support Your Youth Athlete

We all want our kids to do well in their sport. Heck, if we are all honest, we really enjoy seeing them win, because, you know, winning is fun.  Medals are exciting. Trophies are great.  But probably most importantly to every sports parent is that our kids know we are rooting for them no matter what. Wins, losses, good days, bad days, what we really love is seeing them out there trying their best and having the time of their lives in a childhood that seems to fly by in the blink of an eye.  There are so many ways to encourage your youth athlete that lets them know you are their number one fan, always and no matter what. Keep reading for ideas that are perfect for sports parents just like you.

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